The Weekly Report of Rabbit Finance- 14 June

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2 min readJul 4, 2021

Starting from 31 May, in order to give users a full picture of the weekly development of Rabbit Finance, the Rabbit Finance team decided to start to release the weekly report of the project to the audience every week.As of this Monday, the Rabbit Finance Protocol has continued to operate safely for 21 days. Since its official launch, the Rabbit Financial Protocol has continued to provide community and users with safe, stable and reliable services, continue to provide lenders with more asset options for depositing tokens and earning interest, and continue to provide more high-yield farming options for farmers.

The progress of this week is listed below:


1, Official launch of the Chinese version

2, Development of Boardroom and CARROT module

3, Listed on CoinGecko

4, Cooperation with multiple Communities

5, The first buy back and burn

Product Progress

1, Chinses version development finished and launched optimized Chinese user experience

2, Finished development and tested Boardroom and CARROT module, official launch time TBD.

Operation Progress

1, Listed on CoinGecko and, now listed on most major 3rd party data platforms

2, Cooperation with Bird Finance、Barry Data、ONTO wallet, AMA in the Telegram Groups

3, Finished 1st buy back and burn, burnt 380,097.82 RABBIT

4, Published circulation supply of RABBIT and calculation formula, visit our Gitbook doc for more information.

5, Published step-by-step guide, visit our Gitbook documentation for more details.

The Rabbit Finance team

7 June 2021

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