The Key Points of the Mature Mining Strategies of Rabbit Finance

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2 min readJul 3, 2021


Leveraged Yield Farming, the excess mining protocol is likely to become the first bridge between traditional finance and the crypto world, and an entrance for traditional finance to enter the DeFi ecological and the crypto world. Rabbit Finance, an excess lending protocol, is the most excellent leveraged smart pool on the BSC.

Rabbit Finance deploys strategies to achieve the highest possible yields for our farmers. Rabbit Finance also wants to make sure its users can have the best experience when interacting with our platform. That’s why Rabbit Finance has simplified the leveraged farming process by automating many things behind the scenes.

Some of our key features for enhancing usability are:

1. Flexible deposit options: our vault optimally converts your deposited assets and the borrowed BNB or BUSD to get an equal value-split to supply the farming liquidity pool. So for example, for the CAKE/BNB pool, you can deposit any amount of CAKE and/or BNB to start farming without having to do the conversions yourself.

2. Pancake Auto Compound: Auto reinvesting every 1 hour on pancake, so you do not have to claim manually.

3. MDEX Auto Reinvesting: Auto reinvesting every 1 hour, plus anyone open, redeem, or add their position, would trigger reinvesting for everyone who has position.

4. Claim RABBIT rewards anytime: by opening a leveraged yield farming position, you’ll earn bonus rewards that you can claim anytime on the stake page.

5. 0.04% Trading Fees on Ellipsis: USDT and BUSD are exchanged on Ellipsis, to provide a safe and 0.04% trading fees for the 6x leveraged farming and increase farming revenue.

For specific strategies of each farming pool, please refer to the diagrams below:

Take CAKE-BNB on PancakeSwap as an example:

Take USDT-BNB on MDEX as an example:

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