Rabbit Finance Officially Launched on BSC-Unlocking a new Experience of Liquidity Farming

BSC Spotlight
2 min readJul 5, 2021

As a star project on the Binance Smart Chain, Rabbit Finance is dedicated to building leveraged liquidity farming for users. Today, let us take an overall look at this project.

First and foremost, Rabbit Finance is financially and technically supported by 11 top venture firms including FBG Capital, Horizon Capital, PCoin Labs, Redline Capital, AngelONE Capital, LBank, BKEX Capital, HBTC Labs, Hot Labs Du Capital and Bibox.

Rabbit Finance is a cross-chain leveraged lending protocol, allowing users to multiply their funds up to 9x, thereby maximizing interest and liquidity farming yields. The main mission of the project is to continuously improve the utilization of deposit users’ funds. Rabbit Finance will continuously increase the application scenarios of borrowing. Leverage farming is one of the high-frequency scenarios in the DeFi application.

The leveraged trading function of Tokens

Users can use leveraged loans from Vault to trade tokens, earning long or short profits, thereby increasing the real demand for borrowing, rise the utilization of deposits, which rise profit.

Mortgage loan of ibTokens

Currently users can only borrow excess loans. Rabbit Finance will support users to mortgage interest-bearing currency and borrow other tokens in a later version.

Launched an elastic stable coin asset CARROT, 1:1 ratio anchored to BUSD

Stable coins are a hot spot in 2020 and 2021, as AMPL is a very successful case. Rabbit Finance has made an upgrade on the basis of AMPL’s original algorithm:

1. When the exchange ratio of the 24-hour weighted average price of CARROT and BUSD is lower than 1:1, the global burn will be 1:1.

2. When the exchange ratio between the 24-hour weighted average price of CARROT and BUSD is higher than 1.05, the inflation reward of CARROT that can be obtained by staked RABBIT to the Boardroom, this targeted inflation reward is similar to Bisiscash. It will be discussed every time the inflation reward The RABBIT staked to the Boardroom is locked for 49 hours, and the CARROT obtained can be collected at any time.

Jointly issue NFTs with the well-known IPs

In addition to the value of the IP itself, the value of Rabbit Finance’s NFT assets can also enjoy the right to accelerate RABBIT farming. For more details, Rabbit Finance will announce later.

Cross-chain lending

Rabbit Finance will start the cross-chain project at a certain time, and our first cross-chain version will be on HECO.

Join Rabbit Finance today:

Website: https://www.rabbitfinance.io/

Telegram English: https://t.me/RabbitFinanceEN

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinanceRabbit