How to Calculate the Circulation of Rabbit, the Token of Rabbit Finance?

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2 min readJul 5, 2021

As a premium project on the Binance Smart Chain, Rabbit Finance is committed to building a leveraged yield farming protocol for users. Today, let us check out how to calculate the circulation of Rabbit, the token of Rabbit Finance.


Maximum Supply: The maximum output of RABBIT in the complete token release cycle, including the created quantity and the uncreated quantity.

Total Supply: The created quantity includes the released quantity and the pending release quantity in the pool.

Circulating Supply: Currently released and claimed, after deducting the amount burnt, it is the amount of RABBIT in real circulation.

Summary: Maximum Supply ≥ Total Supply ≥ Circulation Supply

Next, we used data of 4:00 24th June 2021 (UTC) for example.


Circulation Supply of RABBIT = Total Supply — IRO Pool balance — Airdrop Pool Balance — Burnt Amount — PancakeSwap Syrup Pool Balance

21033789.10 = 38,949,410.39–10,145,413.18–490,110.26–380,097.82–6,900,000

Current circulation supply of RABBIT is 21033789.10 RABBIT

Data Sources

1. Total Supply: 38,949,410.39 RABBIT


2. IRO Pool Balance: 10,145,413.18 RABBIT

IRO Pool output limited to 10,500,000 RABBITS, claimed amount 227,084.151 RABBIT


3. Airdrop Pool Balance: 490,110.26 RABBIT

Airdrop Pool output limited to 500,000 RABBITS, claimed amount 5464.256 RABBIT



4. Burnt Amount: 380,097.82 RABBIT


5. PancakeSwap Syrup Pool Balance: 6,900,000 RABBIT


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