An In-depth Exploration of Rabbit Finance — a High-quality Cross-chain Lending Protocol

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2 min readJul 2, 2021


If you ask me what is the most promising leveraged yield farming on the Binance Smart Chain? My answer must be Rabbit Finance, Rabbit Finance is a cross-chain excess lending protocol that helps deposit users to obtain more interest income, and helps liquidity miners through the leverage of up to 9x and optimum re-investment strategy to obtain higher mining income.

The main mission of Rabbit Finance is to continuously improve the utilization of deposit users’ funds. Rabbit Finance will continuously increase the application scenarios of borrowing. Besides, leverage farming is one of the high-frequency scenarios in the DeFi application.

Rabbit Finance can provide users with higher security protection: completely avoid the risk of flash loans.

1. The liquidation mechanism adopts DEX+CEX double price verification, liquidation will be executed only when the error is within 5%.

2. The platform participates in position liquidation, and liquidation is not executed by the bounty hunters, to prevent attackers from obtaining liquidation benefits through the flash loans.

3. Two price verifications (with an interval of 2 minutes), to prevent attackers from profiting by price manipulation in the same block through the flash loan.

4. Maximum limit for borrowing, which reduces the risk of opening a position resulting in losing your trading account, and the safety design is more conservative than similar products.

5. Audited by CertiK and Chains Guard.

Excellent strategy guarantees ultra-high return rate

The reinvestment strategy of MDEX uses the reinvestment of MDX obtained by users to MDEX Boardroom.

The reinvestment strategy of Pancake is to sell the CAKE obtained by users and continue to add liquidity LP for the user’s positioning token pair.

First-class Partnerships

Rabbit Finance is the ONLY MDEX excess lending protocol on BSC that can be leveraged for farming. Rabbit Finance is also cooperating partner of Venus protocol, BitKeep, Hyperpay, Token Pocket,, etc.

Who could say no to this competitive product?

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